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A Lobster Story.

Making lobster rolls is no quick feat. It took us close to eight hours to buy, steam, dress and eat lobsters for lobster rolls this past Sunday. In that amount of time, Brett Fletcher, our Knox County source for lobsters, would have been halfway to the coastal island of Georgetown, Maine. Fletcher makes the drive several times a year to catch or purchase fresh Maine lobsters to sell from a shack in the woods of Knox County.

I’d read about this industrious man in a Dispatch article last year, and mentally filed the Lobstah Shack away for a future culinary adventure. Constant lobster roll talk from Maya in New York, combined with a review of Red Lobster’s version of the classic Maine sandwich triggered a decision: Who cares if it’s the middle of winter? Who cares if it’s going to take two and a half hours to retrieve my crustaceans? I’m going to host a Maine meal.

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