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Itinerant Foodies Retreat: Ohio.

Jill: Continental Airlines has last-minute fare sales between Columbus and New York City every other week. They’re typically released on Monday nights. One of the few constants in life, these sales have aided in many a long weekend for the both of us, sometimes in New York, sometimes in Columbus. We recently decided to take advantage of the fare to hold our first annual Itinerant Foodies Retreat.

Maya: I was already on board with the prospect of a long weekend in Ohio, but when Jill promised to comp half of the cost of my ticket in food, I was sold—it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

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I Dream of Dubbels.

This is heaven. This is what I thought two Sundays ago, as I sat at a giant wooden table surrounded by the smell of a wood-fueled fire and the sounds of Sigur Ros enveloping me. Directly in front of me were floor-to-ceiling paned glass doors that unearthed a view of snow-covered southeast Ohio while allowing in enough perfect mid-afternoon January light to make any photograph I took make me look ten times more talented than I actually am. Oh. And, I was surrounded by a small group of incredible people, including (but not limited to) Matthew Barbee of Rockmill Brewery. And he would not stop pouring his delicious organic Belgian-style ales into my glass. Definitely heaven.

Rockmill Brewery made its Columbus debut in September of 2010. I first saw their beers at an event at House Wine for Local Foods Week, and quickly started lobbying my own libations department to start carrying them. This lobbying was, it seems, to the detriment of both my checking account and my waistline, as ever since my dreamy Sunday afternoon, I cannot stop craving them.

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