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Mayor Inspiration.

I’ve kind of got a thing for Cory Booker. Dude jumps into flaming buildings to save constituents, loves coffee and isn’t that bad to look at. Oh. And he’s willing to try eating for a week on food stamps just to see what it’s like. Swoon.


Take note. I am in no way trying to compare the situation I’m about to describe with that of the 46.2 million people who live in poverty in the U.S. Poverty and inconvenience are very, very different.

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Summer Mash-Up.

I made a thing. I’m honestly not quite sure what to call it, but look below. Isn’t it pretty? Kind of? (If you’re not put off by lentils.) (I was until I was at least 28 years old.)

Inspired by the flavors of the summer (and by using up some of my pantry basics), I pulled from three different recipes to create this culinary mash-up.

First up, the lentils. Using a quick google search for both “lentils” and “eggs” (I had both in excess), I found a recipe that would add the protein to my vegetarian meal. I omitted the fish sauce in this recipe, and added fresh basil and lemon juice. One pet peeve in veggie meals is that I’m usually hungry afterwards; this double dose took care of that problem.

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Variation on a Theme.

Any journalism-school veteran would be happy to tell you that there are two types of stories: those with evergreen subject matter, and those of a more timely, newsy nature. We don’t do much in the way of breaking ground here at Itinerant Foodies, so that leaves us with the basics. And now that we’ve been around for while, I’m coming up against a problem that bothers magazine editors and grocery-store marketers alike: How do you put a fresh spin on standard content? For example: Autumn signals a shift from lighter, less-handled food to more substantial, slow-simmered pots of belly-warming fare. All well and good, but you’ve heard it before, no?

So, what to say about yet another version of lentil soup?

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