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I spent a few days at the Jersey Shore last week, which presented the perfect opportunity to put my my new-found resolution to the test. In keeping with both tradition and the constricts of a sparsely populated pantry, I wanted to cook an easy meal, one that would utilize as many fresh ingredients as possible, in the simplest manner possible. Luckily, my mother had brought her food-magazine hand-me-downs, and flipping through her copy of August’s Cooking Light, I found just the thing.

It’s next to impossible to avoid seafood cravings after putting in time at the beach; combine that with gazpacho, perfectly refreshing after a day in the hot sun, and I didn’t have to think twice—this dish was practically begging to be made.

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Edible Goals.

Last weekend, uninspired by the idea of starting yet another day with oatmeal, cold cereal, or scrambled eggs, I decided to break out the recipe binder and do some baking. (I was in the process of heating up the apartment anyway, so it seemed like a good idea to multitask.)

The mission was breakfast, the parameters simple:

A) The recipe had to be one from my massive backlog of clippings to try.

B) It had to make use of ingredients already in my possession.

After sorting through pages of treats calling for the types of fresh, seasonal fruit sadly AWOL from my refrigerator, I stumbled upon something that was, perhaps, more suited to a crisp fall morning than the kickoff to summer, but it met my requirements: Caramel-Pecan Sticky Buns it was.

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The Soup Well.

In keeping with my vow to eat cheap in order to pad the bank account for upcoming trips, I went back to the well for inspiration. The soup well, if you will. (No? As you were, then.)


This one’s from Cooking Light, clipped back in 2002. It had those magic words—potatoes and Gruyère—and promised to cure my cravings for leafy greens, in a form that, purportedly, wouldn’t leave me feeling as if I’d just swallowed a brick. Win, win, and win again.

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Temporary Amnesia.

I’m not sure why I keep trying to like chicken thighs. It’s as if I have one of those short-term memory malfunctions, much-beloved by Grey’s Anatomy‘s grasping writers, each time I come across a dish that uses them: I forget that I can’t stand ’em until that first bite so rudely reminds me.


Well, I meant to avoid all of that with this recipe for Chicken and Leeks Braised in Wine. It calls for eight thighs, half of which I intended to swap for breast meat so that the Carnivore— who is predisposed to dark cuts—and I would both be happy. But the guy at the market gave me pieces that must’ve belonged to a monster chicken; five were the equivalent of the eight the recipe required, so I figured I might as well use them all up with one fell swoop. That’s where I went wrong.

Of course, you may not see it that way if you’re a thigh fan, in which case: full-speed ahead.

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