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Maine Meal.

A weekend or two ago, I was passing through D.C. and, as is my new custom, took the opportunity to catch up with a friend over lunch. Strolling through the chi-chi streets of Georgetown, you’d hardly expect to come upon a New England-style lobster shack, but there, a few doors down from Coach and Tommy Hilfiger, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Tackle Box was my friend’s recommendation, and, given that the menu is full of beach-vacation favorites, all sustainably sourced and reasonably priced, it was an easy sell.

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Things I’ve Eaten Lately, Part III.

As I get closer and closer to departing for Southeast Asia—oh yeah, by the way, I’m going to Thailand!—I find it more and more difficult to string together sentences in a coherent fashion. (Case in point: It took me ten minutes to write that opening sentence, and it’s not even that good.) Instead of pacing myself like a normal person might, I’ve crammed a whole lot of preparation into the past two days; my brain is still buzzing over the various loose ends that come with the two-week-vacation territory. Perfect timing, then, for another installment of that old standby: (even more) Things I’ve Eaten Lately.

Watermelon pickle and crispy pork, at Fatty Crab, Upper West Side.

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Lunch Break.

Last week was a whirlwind one for the New York half of Itinerant Foodies: After an escapist weekend of camping upstate, I hopped on a bus to Washington, D.C., first thing Monday morning to see my TMJ doc. In the nine months or so since I’d last seen my miracle-worker, the disc on the left side of my jaw had completely slipped out of place, making eating, drinking, and talking crazy painful. Given the amount of all three that I had planned for the upcoming weekend in San Francisco, a doctor’s visit was an imperative. I knew that getting myself fixed up was going to hurt; as a normal rule, I insist on balancing out my suffering with something pleasurable, so I rewarded myself (in advance!) for my stoicism with a lovely catch-up lunch with a D.C.-based friend.

Though I grew up in northern Virginia, my experience in our nation’s capital has always been somewhat limited; with friends, maybe a restaurant here, a bar there, but overall, I’ve spent more time in museums and galleries with my family than anything else. Liz had already proven her good taste—she’s an Arsenal fan, what more do you need?—so I ceded to her expertise in the D.C. arena. Given our location and time constraints, she suggested Zaytinya, the Middle Eastern/Mediterranean entry in the José Andrés restaurant canon.

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