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One Night in Bangkok, Part II.

My trip to Thailand coincided not only with the red shirt revolution, but with the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. Not a big deal, really, unless you were in Iceland. Or—thanks to the large sheet of ash filling the skies—Europe, in general. Or anywhere in the world that Europeans may travel, including countries whose internal issues were causing Western embassies to send out warnings such as, “Do not go to [Thailand],” or “If you are in [Thailand], leave [Thailand].” One of these countries? Thailand.

This is a long way of saying that Bangkok’s hotels were full of Europeans who were, simply put, stuck. Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok’s airport) had people living on its floors, all exhausted, all wanting to go home. I learned this from a new English friend of mine, who had been stranded in Bangkok for several days. Truth be told, I don’t remember his name. Another confession (or two): I befriended him because he spoke English and had a working laptop. (Although my hotel was proficient at taking me to a pharmacy in the middle of the night, their public computers were less than helpful.)

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One Night in Bangkok, Part I.

For those following the entire story, you’ll know that violent protests cut Thailand out of the itinerary for our southeast Asia trip. Nearly. My original plans awarded me one night in Bangkok. A night that, unfortunately, I’ll never forget. It’s tough to say what caused the food sickness, but math dictates that it was either the halo-halo from the American-style fast food joint or the sisig (pictured below) from a restaurant in Puerto Princesa owned, against the odds, by a couple from Arizona.

It started on the flight to Bangkok. After boarding, I sat down next to a chatty Filipina woman, and began to feel nauseous. I fled to the plane lavatory just as she announced to me that she was an evangelical Christian. Curled over in the tiny room—as we started our descent—I had visions of my body being jerked upwards with turbulence while simultaneously feeling horrible at the timing of my departure. I didn’t want my friend to think I was avoiding her because she was a Christian. With nothing accomplished in the loo, I headed to my seat to buckle myself in and apologize for leaving mid-conversation. “My stomach hurts,” I explained.

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Friday Five: Things I Ate in Thailand.

You can wring a whole lot of meals out of two weeks in Thailand. Here, a small taste of what I ate on my recent trip:

1. Familiar Territory.

I had to stop myself from ordering a version of pad kra prow at nearly every meal. The hot chiles, the fresh basil: irresistible. This particular plate came with an egg, which made it even better.

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Mabuhay, Manila.

It’s ironic that our first international trip together since Spain will leave this blog devoid of new content for nearly three weeks. But we’ll have plenty of food stories and pictures upon our return, so it all works out. We will try to update our Facebook page and tweet, when we find ourselves within the loving arms of the internet. So feel free to follow @itinerantfoodie (Jill) and @mayastanton (Maya) to get your fix. Meanwhile, perhaps we’ll sneak a picture – or video or two – up here as we go along.

At roughly midnight, Maya and I will both board planes at LAX. My flight heads to Manila, via Seoul. Maya’s heads to Manila, via Taipei. And at roughly 11 a.m. on April 8th, we will both arrive, find our way to the bus stop and head up to Baguio City to meet Beth. I won’t give away all the details, but our trip includes cooking and island hopping and… Thailand.

Ladies and gentleman: please buckle your seat belts and bring your chairs to an upright position. Itinerant Foodies is about to take flight.

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