A Friendly Rivalry.

I’m starting 2013 with a version of the Paleo Diet. No bread, no beans, no grains, no potatoes. And only one alcoholic beverage a day. My neighbors presented the guidelines, with the official list banning chocolate, potatoes, corn, sugar, legumes, pasta, bread, rice and other processed goodness. They’re referring to it as the “Stop Eating Sh*t Diet”. I decided to play along. Based on before and after weigh-ins, the person who loses the most at the end of the month gets to pick a restaurant for our first post-diet meal. The person who does the worst has to buy drinks that night.


So far, I’ve gained 1.5 pounds. I hope they pick a restaurant with inexpensive drinks.

I miss the rice. I miss the beans. I miss sushi. I don’t love eating meat all the time. And try drinking just a single glass of wine after an emotionally difficult day. (I’ve broken the booze rule several times; it seems I’m an all-or-none gal.)

I don’t actually miss the bread. Or the pasta. Or the sweets. And I was never a potato chips sort of person.

But I could go for a pizza, I think.


One thought on “A Friendly Rivalry.

  1. baseballboy says:

    Yep. When this diet is over, I will reintroduce beer, potatoes, rice, and legumes—but I am cool with continuing to limit our bread and sugar intake.

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