Food for Miles: My Soul is Sold.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I hate sponsored posts. We don’t roll that way here at IF.

I’m not a coupon cutter, and I’m pretty much awful at taking advantage of bargains. For more than a year, offers from Saveur have been piling up in my “to do” file. One of these days, I’ll subscribe and get that great deal on a subscription. (And win that KitchenAid mixer they keep promising me.) I think that being a marketer, myself, makes me stubbornly immune to the offers promoted by my industry. Even if it’s to my detriment.

There are, however, two loyalty programs that will keep me forever…loyal: Fuelperks (I’ve got to buy toilet paper, and I’ve got to buy gas; I may was well join the masses at the big box stores) and frequent flier miles. I’ve been collecting miles (mainly though Delta/Northwest Airlines) since I could drive. I’ve remained a fan through good and bad (and many a free travel voucher for late and overbooked flights.) And it’s paid off: my flight to the Philippines was entirely paid for by miles.

I’ve recently signed up for a program that rewards me with Delta Skymiles (up to 5 per $1 spent) by doing what I do best: relying on restaurants for the majority of my sustenance. When my friend Jenny told me about Skymiles Dining, I didn’t trust it. (No one should ever trust marketing.) I figured that I’d only get extra miles from eating at Applebees, Wendy’s, California Pizza Kitchen. Turns out that it’s better, though. I can actually get miles by eating at local favorites such as The Top (pictured above), Basi Italia, Surly Girl Saloon and Black Creek Bistro. I’ve done the math. All I’ve got to do is spend $200.00 on my own debit card at these places and I’ll have enough miles for a free trip to Brazil. Not bad.

So. It worked.

Another e-mail address given out, another password created — one more big company  knows everything I’m doing. It’s a small price to pay, I guess. (Google and Facebook, take note: I expect to see custom ads for San Paulo pop up on my screen by Friday.)

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3 thoughts on “Food for Miles: My Soul is Sold.

  1. We don’t share the same airline loyalty but we take advantage of United MileagePlus Dining program which is the same kind of thing. They even have bonuses sometimes; I never manage to track when these are happening but it’s cool when they show up.

    • Jill says:

      Hmm. I’ve got United miles, as well. Will have to check out this program. Wonder if I can get miles for both airlines with the same dinner?

  2. jaydubs says:

    Whoa–that sounds awesome. I think Kyle and I spend $200 a year at Surly Girl alone, easy. Hmmm …

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