Sandwich Spotlight: Buttermilk Channel.

The Subject: A-B-C grilled cheese, from Buttermilk Channel.

In Buttermilk Channel‘s world, A is for apple, B is for bacon, and C is for cheddar, an alphabet I wholeheartedly condone. Nonetheless, the rest of the brunch menu—the warm lamb and romaine salad‘s combination of fried capers, roasted cauliflower, and anchovy dressing is my damsel-in-distress begging for rescue; the fried pork and waffle, a deep-fried chop from a mysteriously gargantuan species of pig, paired with a cheddar-laced waffle, speaks for itself—had always proved too much to resist.But this time around, still full from a weekend of decadent dining, I was finally in the mood for something a touch lighter.

Outer Goods: Thinly sliced sandwich bread, lightly toasted. I would’ve preferred a slightly darker char, honestly; just another minute of quality time on the griddle would’ve done it.

Inner Beauty: I have a bit of history with the marriage of apples and cheese, and, like any marriage, it involves family. While my birthday dinner was always my mother’s domain, birthday breakfast was my father’s, and I looked forward to his sauteed-apple and Monterey Jack-stuffed omelette just as much as those spinach calzones. The addition of bacon (which, it must be said, makes everything better), elevates this favorite salty-sweet, crunchy-gooey combination to new heights—no disappointments here.

Accessories: Sparingly dressed mixed greens and an array of pickles cut the potential bacon-and-cheese heaviness with the crunch of lettuce and the jolt of vinegar. For even more contrast, I added the pickles to the sandwich itself and was smugly satisfied with my decision to do so.

The Verdict: Childhood nostalgia notwithstanding, this is great take on the standard grilled cheese and, excitingly, one that could be easily replicated in a home kitchen. Though I normally order items I can’t make on my own without serious effort, I had no buyer’s remorse in this case. Sandwich victory!

Buttermilk Channel
524 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY

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One thought on “Sandwich Spotlight: Buttermilk Channel.

  1. Tammy says:

    That looks AMAZING!

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