Ramen Reminder.

Hey, remember our ramen obsession? Rest assured that it’s still going strong. Fear of sounding like a broken record has kept me from reporting on every bowl of noodles I eat, but this one deserves a mention.

Though Ippudo is still my hands-down favorite, 15-month-old Totto is just a couple of blocks from the office and ideal for a quick, indulgent lunch. Buyer beware, though: Much like Ippudo, Totto has its own rabid following—go solo, during off-peak hours, for the least frustrating experience. After a ten-minute wait on a recent (very cold) afternoon, I snagged a seat at the counter and watched the staff torch slices of pork belly and stir steaming vats of broth until my soup arrived.

I ordered the Totto spicy ramen, with bamboo shoots instead of nori (not a fan, unless it’s corralling my sushi) and added a seasoned, hard-boiled egg for good measure. The broth was nearly as good as the city’s frontrunner’s, albeit just a touch too rich and salty—I made it halfway through before I’d had enough. I was actually jealous of the two refreshing-looking bowls of vegetable ramen on either side of me.

It’s borderline heretical, but given this particularly sloth-like winter and spring’s premature arrival, it looks like my next bowl of ramen will be porkless. You heard it here first.

Totto Ramen
366 West 52nd Street
New York, NY

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