Starting Fresh.

I can’t say I’m sad to see the back of 2011. It was a year of upheaval and major life change—for the most part, the events of the past twelve months are not ones I hope to have repeated anytime soon. There were positives, too, of course, but my personal drama (and, to be honest, my tendency to wallow in the negative) obscured much of that: The bust-up of a nine-year relationship isn’t easy, no matter how you cut it. It was tough to think straight through the fallout, let alone write through it. Jill picked up the slack admirably, but our little blog here still suffered for my lack of focus.

But a new year, a new start, and all that nonsense.

When I moved into my new apartment, one of the first things I did was organize my books. I love my books; alphabetizing and arranging my shelves is one of those little things that brings me an inordinate amount of nerdy pleasure, but this time around, I felt a little twinge of guilt. I’m a compulsive cookbook collector—thanks to two new holiday-gift additions, my  tally is now an even fifty, and I have my eye on a good thirty more—but I’ve cooked from just fifteen of the titles in my possession.

As a result, I’ve amended my list of perennial resolutions (to put in more time at the gym, spend less money on eating and drinking, and lose twenty pounds or so—and yes, I’m well aware that all of those just maaaay be intertwined) to include one more. Once a week, for the rest of the year, I’ll attempt one recipe from one virgin book, and, of course, document the results on these pages. Other blogolutions: more content for my much-neglected Freelance Diet “series,” a New York–based entry or two for Behind the Scenes, and a revamped outlook—more fun, less frustration—on the whole endeavor.

I have a good feeling about 2012.

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3 thoughts on “Starting Fresh.

  1. jill says:

    I do too:-) Good to see you writing…

  2. Marsha Stanton says:

    Thanks JIll-Jill; I needed another way to differentiate between the two of you! :)

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