Snapshots of Cambridge.

Take a moment from your not-quite-last-minute Christmas shopping to peruse some pictures from my day in Cambridge. And if you find yourself wondering what you can give your favorite food blog (oh please, let it be us!) for Christmas, a suggested list is below.

Cambridge had their Christmas decorations up in October. (In comparison, the Newark airport was just putting up their pink and green Christmas balloons sixteen days ago.) It seems that the British are serious about the holiday.

I’m not sure a tourist is allowed to visit Cambridge without punting on the River Cam. (Nor is she allowed to ride in one of these boats without singing, “I’m on a boat.”) More punting pics in a few…

No surface in the city is free of bikes.

I thought about starting a tumblr account called “British People Eating Sandwiches.” Sandwiches are the fast food of Britain. I’m sort of jealous, actually. Pret A Manger needs to start branching out in the United States.

Harry Potter’s dining hall! Sorry. Had to get that out of the way. One of the colleges allowed folks like us to wander around for free. While normal people headed to the gardens and the courtyard, I hovered near the dining room door.

So, we went punting. With about ten strangers and a guide who reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow. Best in shallow water, punting is the act of moving a flat-bottomed boat along by pushing a pole to the river bed. (I apologize if that sounds too wikipedia-ey for you; I’m not a great technical writer and I haven’t had my coffee yet today.)

Our punting adventure turned into a game of bumper boats at one point, and I found the most British-looking kid ever. (He’s probably from Norway.)

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: Gift Ideas for Itinerant Foodies.

All the Le Creusets
– Frequent Flier Miles
– Prosecco


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2 thoughts on “Snapshots of Cambridge.

  1. Charise says:

    Pretty sure those are the best gift ideas ever. :)

  2. Carol says:

    What lovely pictures…. Gift Vouchers for private chauffeured punting tours are also lovely gift ideas.

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