What the Kale.

I think that it’s entirely possible to train your body to love vegetables, but it takes discipline to love only vegetables. When I cook (sadly, this is a rare occurrence these days) I do my best to fill my kitchen with bright, healthy leafy greens. As a rule, produce is where my meals start. I look for inspiration in the seasonal and local selections and, when I’m in a zen state of mind, an entire meal is born.

Other times, when I lack that holistic mindset, I end up with a few side dishes, but nothing to tie them together. This happens more frequently than not, leaving me to crave animal fats not long after I’ve completed dinner. Sometimes, even daydreaming about a trip to Taco Bell while eating dinner.

In short, kale is a nutrient rich, seasonal side dish. It is not a main course.

And while butternut squash soup laden with garlic and ginger can bring great pleasure to a taste bud or two, parts of my palate still hold out for goat cheese, pieces of pork, a sliver of salty butter and a chocolate chip cookie or two. Bring on the dairy! Bring on the meat!

This is not to say that I could never be vegan, or even vegetarian. Perhaps what I’m implying is that to move forward in that heart-healthy, environmentally-friendly direction would require a retraining of my body, and possibly an adjustment to my appetite. More importantly, though, it would require better menu planning skills and, possibly, a venture from the produce department over to those shelves full of grains. This lady could use a little lentil or two.

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3 thoughts on “What the Kale.

  1. Joel says:

    Ah, I was hoping for a Kale recipe suggestion. I think I’m going the kale & cannellini bean route again.

  2. Andrea says:

    Fat helps us feel full and satisfied so it makes complete sense that you feel this way. Perhaps adding in some butter or cheese would help? I do a lot of veggie heavy dishes and need to have that fat component in there somewhere to help me feel like I just ate a nice portion of something. Usually comes in the form of olive oil or cheese. Not a lot just a touch, but it works.

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