Beyond the Savings.

My opinions on restaurant week(s) are similar to those on Groupon and programs of similar ilk. While I enjoy the savings (and the special menus), I think it’s important to patronize the small businesses (and locally-owned restaurants) not only during great deals, but when they’re not offering deep discounts. Simple as that. Nonetheless, I do enjoy the dining programs, because they do give me an excuse to get out and enjoy some of my favorite restaurants during the week and because I get to see said restaurants busy on a Monday evening. Last night, a group of us headed over to DeepWood to experience their $20 three course Dine Originals Week menu. Below are a few pictures of what’s in store for folks who are tempted to do the same.

I chose the ravioli (filled with bacon and leeks) for my starter. The rich filling perfectly complemented the smoky tomato sauce.

Pickled cauliflower, capers and a warm potato salad join Chef Pawlak’s house-smoked salmon. The combination of flavors almost rivaled the ravioli. Almost.

We were surprised that the lobster sausage (of the “Lobster Sausage and Fennel Risotto”) was, in fact, a sausage made with lobster, rather than a risotto with lobster and sausage. (Ah, the importance of commas. Or lack thereof.) The risotto was rich and creamy, and this dish was definitely the winner of the main courses tried from the menu.

When I ordered the turkey hash as my main, I did not expect to see a collision of Thanksgiving flavors appear on my table. While DeepWood (especially the fine dining side) does have a warm, homey feeling, I’ve never equated them with comfort food. As it turns out, this creamy potato and turkey mixture, paired with stuffing and cranberry sauce, proves that Pawlak can excel in just about any category of food.

The $20 menu comes with a chocolate trifle for dessert. Never-ending layers (including a house-made toffee so buttery that I wanted to spread it on my bread — a good thing, I promise) filled a glass that none of us could begin to finish. Yes, we took to-go boxes for dessert.

All preaching aside, a bonus to these weeks of great deals is that Columbus’ most creative chefs get a chance to show off a bit, and stray from their seasonal menus, if only for a week. Like an amuse bouche before a meal, the menus give us a tiny taste of just what can be done within the kitchens of our independent restauranteurs. Here’s hoping we all come back for the main course.

511 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio

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2 thoughts on “Beyond the Savings.

  1. Genevieve Reiner (@HamSandIndicted) says:

    Nice post, and I agree…the lobster sausage was great (and I really loved the BLT ravioli). Good to see you last night!

  2. Nice point about frequenting these wonderful places beyond Dine Originals week… Ladies of LUPEC will be there next Wednesday if you want to join us. :-) Hope to see you soon.

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