Manhattan High-Rise.

As a continued part of my quest to sample as many new outdoor-drinking establishments as possible between now and August, I stopped in to the Lot at 30th Street, the Tom Colicchio-helmed beer-garden-cum-food-truck-mecca under the High Line, with two friends a few weeks ago.

The High Line, for members of our readership based elsewhere, is an elevated park, formerly train tracks, that runs up the west side of Manhattan; the Lot is located under the northern-most end and, I’d imagine, the post-stroll reward for many a visitor. Not us, however. We opted for beer, then a walk. Priorities, people.

Though the trucks in attendance vary from day to day, the players were familiar when we visited: The mobile outpost of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar is often parked near my office, and, as you may recall, I’m well acquainted with the Red Hook Lobster Pound, even more so now that its truck has been finding its way to Midtown with more and more regularity.

Since I’ve indulged in many a lunchtime lobster roll (Connecticut-style, please), I was in the mood to change it up a little—hence the shrimp roll.

The sweet Maine shrimp, tossed with a roasted-garlic and tarragon mayo and stuffed onto a bed of lettuce in a split-top bun, were just as satisfying as lobster would’ve been, and a lot less expensive to boot. When paired with a Victory summer ale, this sandwich proved to be great fuel for a post-prandial constitutional.

Our timing was ideal, as it turned out. On a normal day, the elevated tracks offer an uncommon view of the city; the perspective itself is more than enough, but as an added bonus, we hit the stairs in time to catch the sky at that moment, pre-sunset, when the light is just about perfect: The time of day I love most of all.

Summer in New York isn’t easy—as a rule, the city is hot and humid and crowded and smelly—but the High Line offers the opportunity to rise above it all, literally. The Lot assures a gentle reentry, or, if your priorities are like ours, a great launch. It’s no penthouse rooftop or Hamptons beach pad, but every little bit helps.

The Lot at 30th Street
West 30th Street and 10th Avenue
New York, NY

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5 thoughts on “Manhattan High-Rise.

  1. jill says:

    Maya- I am so glad you wrote about the High Line! For those of you unfamiliar with it, go to their website! It is truly a gem in city and I love going there! Every season is beautiful and unique…as is every day!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Greg and I were directed to the High Line by the servers after a dinner at Tom Colicchio’s Craft Steak. Absolutely loved it. Every time we see it on TV or mentioned elsewhere we go “Hey – there’s that cool elevated walkway we discovered!” Ya gotta go there. When we were there it was pretty late in the evening, so no food trucks at the end. Now we know to go earlier and make the trucks the destination (or the origin!). Thanks, Maya!

  3. baseballboy says:

    Victory Summer Love was a strong choice!

  4. Maya says:

    Glad you enjoyed, guys.

    BB, please don’t hold it against me, but my seasonal rule is to pick anything with “summer” in the name. So far so good!

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