Friday Five: Taco Trucks.

Last fall, I went on the last Taco Truck Tour of the season hosted by Bethia of Columbus Food Adventures. A simple, yet lovely, part of the tour was the fact that I did not have to drive. The downside to this is that I paid absolutely no attention to where we were, at any point in time on the tour. Not only that, but I was so busy stuffing my face full of taco truck wares (that enhanced my perception of the genre by 150%) and trying to take pictures, that I didn’t write down any of the details. Although I showed up to class with enthusiasm, I would have failed a multiple choice test given at the end. The Taco Truck Tour is a course I’m going to have to retake. This week’s Friday Five are five images from the tour (ones that I’m hoping will earn me extra credit for the next time around). Captions are provided with the assistance of Professor Bethia Woolf.

1. La Popular, Wilson & Broad.

2. Little Mexico, Sullivant Ave.

3. Los Guachos, Commerce Square.

4. Los Potosinos, Lincoln Park.

5.  Los Guachos Gringa with Chili de Arbol Sauce.

My advice is this: book a tour, take notes and pay attention. Because there’s nothing as sad as tasting some of the best food in Columbus and not remembering how to get back—or what to order. Maybe we’ll be in the same class.

Tours are every Sunday this summer and and every other Friday, starting July 1.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Taco Trucks.

  1. bethia says:

    I guess you lost your handout too!
    It’s strange now seeing how dark it was, now that we’re a week from the longest day of the year.

  2. Lauren B says:

    I drive by two of these EVERY day on my way to work on the West Side. #4 – Los Potosinos is on the corden of Gerogesville and Lincoln Park Court just south of Westland Mall in a really dumpy strip mall across from Oakbrook Manor Apartments. On work on Industrial Mile Road, so I see this one all the time. I’ve never eaten there (it freaks me out), but I have a few employees that swear by the West Side taco trucks. #2 – Little Mexico is in front of the old Ohio Thrift Store on Sullivant east of Georgesville but west of Wilson Road (not too far from Minelli’s). I can’t tell you what to order, but at least you can find your way back to two of the trucks!

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