Mixed Six-pack.

“Did you just put Porter in with the Summerteeth?”


“But who would want to drink Porter when it’s so hot out?”


I know someone who sneaks unwanted beers into six packs brought to potlucks. I’m not talking skunked or flat beers, here. I’m talking, say, a Porter or two on a 90 degree day. This person, like a good guest, arrives to the party with full hands. It’s just that those hands might not contain things that this person—or anyone else— necessarily wants to drink.

I don’t consider this morally corrupt, per se. Bringing a six pack (of anything) and a salad or side dish is still a million times better than the “chips and salsa” move. And I’m not quite sure that it’s any different than using a potluck as an excuse to unload unwanted CSA produce. But it’s at least tease-worthy, right?


3 thoughts on “Mixed Six-pack.

  1. baseballboy says:

    In your friend’s defense, I have it on good authority that the person doesn’t even like Summerteeth that much.

  2. AL says:

    Hehe, the porter got drunk another night :)

  3. Jane says:

    That is a really good salad.

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