Friday Five: Restaurants to Try.

I talk quite a bit about my to-try lists—recipescookbookstravel destinationsrestaurants—in these pages, but other than offering a quick peek at the travel-planning process, I haven’t shared much list-related content. Until now.

You’ve all been dying to know what I’ve been dying to eat, right? Narrowing pages of restaurants down to my top five wasn’t easy, but anything for you, readers.

1. Danji.

This Korean-French hybrid (the flavors are Korean, the techniques French) opened in December, shortly before I left for Thailand, and racked up plenty of positive word-of-mouth while I was away. In the two months that I’ve been back, I somehow haven’t managed to get there yet, but I do visit the menu and drool every so often. I want to order everything on offer—I just need a few people to share all of those small plates with. Any takers?

2. No. 7 Sub.

The internets have been abuzz with talk of No. 7 Sub’s bizarre-yet-revelatory pairings—think bologna with parsnip mole, ricotta, pickled onions, and pumpkin seeds, or the oft-cited General Tso’s tofu— since the joint opened last year. There are ten sandwiches on the menu, and though the combinations change often, half are vegetarian, potentially making this a good option for eaters of all persuasions. I’ll let you know for sure once I motivate and sample the wares.

3. Kin Shop.


I’m a huge Top Chef fan, but it took me nearly three years to try first-season-champion Harold Dieterle’s cooking. It’s not a mistake I plan on repeating: My meals at his debut restaurant, Perilla, were some of the most memorable of 2010, and if the reviews (and Twitter chatter) are anything to go by, the food at his contemporary Thai sequel, Kin Shop, isn’t to be missed, either.

4. Saraghina.

Photo: roboppy

Sing it with me if you know the tune: This pizzeria, wood-burning oven and all, opened in the summer of 2009, and all signs pointed to deliciousness. It’s even in my neighborhood (though, in my defense, it is a bit of a hike from my end of Bed-Stuy to theirs), so when it comes down to it, there are no viable excuses for this one. I’m long overdue for some pizza. This situation must be remedied ASAP.

5. M. Wells.


It’s not often that the urge to travel to Queens strikes, but the gussied-up diner food at M. Wells has been calling my name for some time now. Initially, the wonky hours of operation—weekday breakfast only—kept me off the G train, but now that the restaurant’s schedule (seen above) is more inclusive, I’ll be making the trip sooner rather than later.

So, what fine establishments are on your to-try list? (And, really, does anyone else even keep a to-try list, or am I just a weirdo?)

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4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Restaurants to Try.

  1. Bethia says:

    I also keep a ‘to-try’ list, actually two. One specifically for our alt.eats website and one more general one. I use the notes app on my iPhone so it’s always handy and I can share it easily.

    • Maya says:

      I have various lists, too, but I’m much less organized. You can see the actual pen-and-paper version in the top photo; I have random entries in both Evernote and the notes app on my iPhone, too.

  2. Simona says:

    Ha! Of course I have a list of places I’m dying to try! And it just got longer by 5.

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