Friday Five: Weekend Welcomers.

One of the longest weeks I’ve endured in some time is finally on the verge of wrapping up; here, in no particular order, are five libations with which to honor a hotly anticipated weekend and where to find them.

1. Negroni

Composed of herbaceous gin, bitter Campari and sweet vermouth, the negroni is my go-to cocktail after a tough day, and the best ones in Brooklyn come courtesy of Carroll Gardens wine bar Sample. I order it up—on the rocks only in summer—and, with cheese, charcuterie, and a few trashy magazines, have the makings of a good evening.

2. B.M.O.C.

Ginger and bourbon, a classic winter-warming combination. Just thinking of this iteration, from Portland’s Clyde Common, has me digging around for airfare sales to the West Coast.

3. Recession special: pickleback + PBR tallboy

You’ll find this contender for New York’s best pickleback (a shot of whiskey and a shot of pickle juice, for the uninitiated) at Fatty Crab. The magic happens with the spicy, bright-yellow juice, the by-product of Fatty’s house-pickled vegetables. Cool it all down with a sip of PBR, and repeat.

4. Bourbon bloody mary

Garnished with a house-made sweet pickle, Char No. 4‘s bourbon bloody mary is a horseradish-laced alternative to your typical vodka-based eye-opener. Though the much-lauded BLT is no longer available, this bloody goes well with pretty much anything else on the menu.

5. La Vagine

More a beautiful light-pink hue in reality, this gin-based twist on the negroni is delicately sweet with a tinge of bitterness, thanks to the use of Cocchi Americano and Aperol, Campari’s more mild-mannered cousin. The brainchild of Fatty Restaurants’ mixologist, Adam Schuman, this one may be shortlived—it’s only at Fatty Johnson’s, the Greenwich Village pop-up bar and restaurant located in the old Cabrito space. Get ’em while you can.

Your turn: What’s your favorite drink for welcoming the weekend?

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