Things I’ve Eaten Lately, Part III.

As I get closer and closer to departing for Southeast Asia—oh yeah, by the way, I’m going to Thailand!—I find it more and more difficult to string together sentences in a coherent fashion. (Case in point: It took me ten minutes to write that opening sentence, and it’s not even that good.) Instead of pacing myself like a normal person might, I’ve crammed a whole lot of preparation into the past two days; my brain is still buzzing over the various loose ends that come with the two-week-vacation territory. Perfect timing, then, for another installment of that old standby: (even more) Things I’ve Eaten Lately.

Watermelon pickle and crispy pork, at Fatty Crab, Upper West Side.

Duck meatloaf with creamed corn, onion ring, and duck jus, at Buttermilk Channel, Brooklyn.

Crab cakes benedict with homefries (and hollandaise on the side), at the Diner, Washington, DC.

Surf (ropa vieja) and turf (camaron enchilado) on fried green plantains with avocado sauce, at Pilar Cuban Eatery, Brooklyn.

Cherry hand-pie from Meredith’s Tarts, at a rest stop in upstate New York.

Miso soup, at Awabi, Winchester, VA.

Sushi and sashimi combo platter, also at Awabi.

PEI mussels with Jersey tomatoes and smoked paprika aioli (!), at Radius, Washington, DC.

Hot dog with onions, ketchup, and personalized mustard inscription, at Papaya Dog, East Village. (I think the guy behind the counter liked me.)

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