Big in Portugal.

When I got back from lunch today, I found a package from Portugal sitting on my desk. Sometimes I get catalogs from Spanish or French food producers who want to sell their products at the store, but I’d never received any literature from Portugal before.

I unwrapped the package to find a beautiful magazine, Saber Viver, all in Portuguese. For a moment, I was confused. And then I remembered: Maya and I had been contacted a month or two ago by a writer who wanted to know details of the blog, our travels and what and where we liked to eat. Within this magazine must have been the result of that e-mail interview.

I flipped through the magazine, wishing it had a “search” function, as my minimal knowledge of Spanish (which is sort of like Portuguese, right?) wasn’t helping me find the article. I looked at pictures for contextual clues, until I came across a bookmark and a note from the writer. Right there, at the beginning of the article, Paixão Pela Comida, were two words I recognized: my name. And later on in the paragraph, I saw the word Maya. To tell the truth, I have absolutely no idea what the rest of the article says, but hope to use an online translator to help determine what exactly our friend wrote and report at a later time.

I wonder what two of our favorite restaurants (specifically Pearl Oyster Bar in New York and Deepwood in Columbus) are going to do with the onslaught of Portuguese dinner guests that will soon be arriving through their doors. Meanwhile, I’m going to extend an offer to Rita from Saber Viver and the rest of the editorial staff: if you’d like to send us to Portugal to get our thoughts of the best restaurants in your back yard, we’re up for the task. And the next time you’re in New York or Columbus, dinner’s on us.

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5 thoughts on “Big in Portugal.

  1. Joe Peffer says:

    This is extremely awesome. Congrats on the international press.

  2. Marsha Stanton says:

    I love it!

  3. Cindy says:

    That is SO COOL!!! Something for your CV…

  4. porktastic says:

    That is really cool!

  5. Jane says:

    That is SO cool! :)

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