Things I’ve Eaten Lately, Part II.

One of the great things about writing this blog is that we’re in the perfect position to spot developing trends. I spotted one just this morning, believe it or not, as I searched our archives for my original Things I’ve Eaten Lately piece. It turns out that last June, almost a year ago to the day, I was feeling every bit as pressed for time (and, it follows, just as uninspired) as I am at this very moment. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s summer, and I’ve apparently turned into a grown-up with a real, live, stressful job and very little time off; I could blame it on camera issues, or the fact that the mess in my apartment makes it impossible to sit at the desk and compose anything resembling a coherent thought. Or, possibly, it’s just that I’ve hit a mid-month slump.

Whatever the reason, and without further ado, here are some (more) things I’ve eaten lately. And not so lately. My procrastination skills know no bounds.

BLT burger with tater tots, at Ultimate Burgers and Dogs.

Langosta y camarones (lobster and adobo-marinated shrimp with creamed corn, watercress, chile de árbol vinaigrette, and habanero rouille) with black beans and rice, at Maya.

Crispy duck confit with sunnyside-up eggs and frisee salad, at Flatbush Farm.

Kale and chickpeas, adapted from Gourmet Today.

Lobster bisque and snack-size crab roll, from Luke’s Lobster UES.

Lamb pastrami with coriander aioli and pickled onions, at Char No. 4.

Surf and turf with asparagus and corn pudding, at a good friend’s wedding.

Moules Provençal and fries, at BXL Café.

Bubble and squeak brunch special, at the Vanderbilt.

Wild mushrooms, comte cheese, spinach, and poached eggs on toast, also at the Vanderbilt.

Grilled squid with olive oil, salt, pepper, sili-chile powder—homemade, and a gift from our gracious hosts in Caba—and lots and lots of lemon juice, at my most recent cookout. Caba was one of our favorite stops in the Philippines; it’s also the one we’ll be talking about once all of these distractions are out of the way.

What have y’all been eating so far this summer?

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3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Eaten Lately, Part II.

  1. Jill says:

    That’s it. I want tater tots, kale and lobster for dinner.

  2. Marsha Stanton says:

    I read the NY Times article on lobster and lobster rolls. how did this one compare, in your opinion?

  3. Maya says:

    Mom: Luke’s is good, though still not as good as Pearl’s, IMO. Good for a fix, though, when you have the lobster craving. I might even prefer the crab roll–it’s pure meat with Old Bay-esque spices and a little bit of butter.

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