Debit Only.

One can survive fairly easily in Columbus without carrying cash. With the exception of a craft fairs and Comfest, there are very few times that the good ol’ debit card won’t do the trick. Or so I thought. As I delve further into the culinary world of the city, I’m finding more and more often that I avoid certain eateries because I simply don’t have cash on me. Taco trucks, most ethnic eateries and Wildflower Cafe are on the list of places I’d eat at more often if I carried actual dollars. (I’ve found that I spend less money when I don’t have it on me.)

Nancy’s Home Cooking, both a Columbus culinary landmark and the diner closest to my house, also fell into this category. Until recently. We all know the story about how the restaurant closed and the community rallied together to reopen this institution. (Or maybe we don’t; click the links.) I felt a little guilty about the closing; generally, if you want a business around, you need to patronize it to keep it open. And while I wanted Nancy’s to be in my neighborhood, it was too inconvenient for me to eat the cheap and delicious breakfast ware for which its known.

Using Baseball Boy as a cash-carrying buffer, we ventured into the restaurant on a recent Saturday morning. A quick thought on breakfast: it’s truly a quandary. “They” tell you that breakfast is an important part of a healthy diet, but “they” also say that most things that come in an American breakfast are not quite good for you. I skipped the philosophical debate and ordered eggs, bacon, home fries and toast. The potatoes were clearly the winner on this plate. Cut in uneven bites and perfectly seasoned, they made me wonder why I’d missed so many breakfasts at this place in the years I’ve lived so close to it. Oh, right: cash only.

It turns out that the New Nancy’s allows credit cards. Did they raise the prices to absorb the fees involved with processing? I don’t know. Is it worth it for this gal to pay an extra dollar for breakfast, just so I can slide the plastic? Totally.

Nancy’s Home Cooking
3133 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio

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2 thoughts on “Debit Only.

  1. Walker Evans says:

    I’m a big user of credit/debit cards only as well, and rarely carry cash. But after some recent discussion on CU, I’ve made it more of a point to use cash at local establishments, especially when buying low-priced items (coffee, snacks, lunch, etc). Even if they’ve built credit card fees into their pricing, it still benefits the business when a customer pays in cash, and doesn’t cost the customer any difference.

    It can be a hassle to have to hit the ATM first and take out $20 to go grab a $3 coffee, but the small local business people will thank you for it. ;)

  2. Katie Montanaro says:

    sweeeet. Will be walking distance in approximately 1 month. Do they still do chicken and noodles on Thursdays only?

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