Postcard from Baguio.

Here are just a few images from Baguio City, the first stop on our tour of duty in the Philippines:

Jill: This was at a mall. That we were probably too old to climb into the giant floating hamster balls was one of the greatest disappointments of the day.

Maya: To be fair, we didn’t really look into the details, but hours later, thoughts of a return trip were still stuck in our heads.

Jill: Maya and Beth talk as I try to explain lactose intolerance to a pharmacist. I cannot leave the Philippines without trying some of their famed dairy-based desserts, but I may just have to deal with the consequences. More than once, when I asked for Lactaid, “for dairy digestion,” I was offered a laxative.

Maya: Thanks to the miracle of Google, we’ve since found the Filipino equivalent; here’s hoping for a drugstore that stocks it. I see many helpings of halo-halo in our future.

Jill: Baguio presented some amusing images all day long – ones we’ll discuss in length at another time – but this was one of my favorites. I present the Palawan Blowgun, the weapon of choice in Palawan, the island whose name I keep mispronouncing, and the first island destination on our trip.

Maya: I assume that things have changed since the days of the blow-dart, but not to worry, we’ll be avoiding all things weapon-related during our time in Palawan. There’s nothing but sun and sea (and maybe a tiny bit of hiking) on our agenda.

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One thought on “Postcard from Baguio.

  1. Chefdruck says:

    I am dying to get on a plane and get in one of those balls! And were they floating on water? And people send their kids in them? The entire activity is simply fascinating!

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