Road to Recovery.

My long weekend in Portland took a turn for the worse halfway through, when I was completely incapacitated by what appeared to be a twenty-four-hour bug. People, I couldn’t eat anything for a full day: We’re talking dire straits here. (I’m still mourning the possibilities, but to be honest, my wallet was grateful for the time off.) Though fearful for my suddenly fragile stomach, I was ready to get back in the game by Sunday.

Matt was working during the day, so I’d planned to head back to Crema to take advantage of the free wireless, get some work done, and—who am I kidding?—sample those pastries I didn’t get to try during our first visit. My somewhat noble intentions went out the window, however, when one of his roommates invited me to join her on an excursion to the temptingly named Waffle Window.

We trekked over to Hawthorne and approached the walk-up counter nestled into the side of the Bread and Ink Cafe; after a quick glance at the menu, we decided to split one sweet and one savory, then headed inside to wait for our order.

The Three Bs—bacon, brie, and basil—sounded strange as a waffle topping but worked beautifully. (Another “b”!) The peppery bacon offset the waffle’s sweetness, the pungent basil just mellowed by the creamy cheese. I could’ve used a bigger piece of brie, but other than that, it was a textbook-perfect iteration of the classic salty-sweet combination.

Our second choice had no such subtlety, nor did we wish it had—think pumpkin pie on a waffle instead of in a crust. My taste for the stuff hadn’t abated after Thanksgiving, so this seasonal offering was right up my alley: two inches of pumpkin filling, dotted here and there with whipped cream and drizzled with a bit of caramel? Heavenly. Also, unfortunately, more than I thought my still-recovering system could handle; I ate a forkful or three, and begrudgingly left the rest to the roomie.

Even at less than 100 percent, it felt good to be back.

The Waffle Window
Corner of SE 36th and Hawthorne
(side of Bread and Ink Cafe)
Portland, OR

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3 thoughts on “Road to Recovery.

  1. shannon says:

    i love how everything in portland comes with bacon… however, i don’t think i’m allowed to read I.F. at work anymore, i get too hungry… thanks for the giant waffle craving…

  2. Maya says:

    To be fair, everything WE ordered came with bacon; there were quite a few vegetarian options that were conveniently ignored. Must find somewhere in NYC with similar waffle offerings!

  3. Waffeln says:

    Delicious! ;). Thx for sharing

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