Sweets on South Fourth.

After seeing a small crowd in Downtown Bakery in Steubenville, I knew I had to inspect. This South Fourth Street bakery is one of the two bakeries that provide the bread for Naples’ heels. When I wandered into this place, there was a line long enough to bring my total purchases to $16. With each passing minute, I mentally ordered another butter-laden cookie.

Another institution passed down through the family, this full service bakery is a favorite for many Steubenville natives. It appeared that an entire adjacent room was dedicated to wedding cakes. I imagine that many an Ohio Valley bride has spent time with Downtown Bakery.

Italian and Greek treats lined the shelves. I walked away with a savory “baklava” (stuffed with spinach), several thumbprint cookies, raisin, cherry and pineapple filled cookies, a couple mini cream horns and two boxes of pizelles.

My favorites were the pizelles. Made by a local source, these Italian cookies came in two flavors: anise and vanilla. I remember handmade versions of these on my Great Grandmother’s supper table when I was a child. Each time I bit into one, my face crumpled up at the taste of the licorice. I recall having no idea how something that looked so buttery could have such a flavor. Nowadays, my tastes have evolved. I loved both flavors, though my preference is still with the crisp vanilla.

These filled cookies were suggested by one of the women at the counter. I’d never heard of a pineapple (or raisin) filled cookie before and the tart fruity filling of each cookie almost tricked me into thinking I was eating healthily. Almost.

My only regret is that I didn’t have time to eat the six pounds of butter contained in my giant purchase before things started to get stale. I have a feeling that if I lived in Steubenville, I’d find myself wandering into this place several times a week, to avoid such a travesty.

Downtown Bakery
151 South Fourth Street
Steubenville, Ohio

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One thought on “Sweets on South Fourth.

  1. julie says:

    I remember this place from when we were younger! I used to love going here. When the Cavanaugh side of the family was feeling especially Polish we made pizelles by hand and still do!

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