TV Dinner.

This week, to recap IF-NY news, I’ve mentioned what to cook when you have lots of time on your hands, and what to cook when you have very little, both of which beg the question: What to do when you don’t feel like cooking at all, but dining out and delivery aren’t options? My favorite standby, especially appropriate for a lazy Friday evening at home, is a cheese-and-charcuterie spread.


For my most recent dietary splurge, I added a few items from the prepared-foods section of the grocery store to round out my usual choices and give the plate a bit of color. (The nutrients probably didn’t hurt, either.) Clockwise from top: Applegate Farms Genoa salami, Grayson cheese, pickled guindillo peppers, Gruyère, broccoli rabe, roasted cauliflower, homemade tomato jam, taleggio, wasabi-flavored rice crackers, and thin slices of baguette (center). This might not be the healthiest, most well-balanced meal ever, but for an evening of crappy TV and a few glasses of wine, a salad just wouldn’t cut it.

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2 thoughts on “TV Dinner.

  1. elizabeth says:

    i love dinners like this.

  2. Maya says:

    Is it completely self-serving of me to agree? I really do, though.

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