Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Food (and drink) taste better when enjoyed with friends. With that in mind, I hosted a Sunday Bloody Sunday brunch potluck. The Sunday brunch potluck is an idea that was ingrained into my head in my late teens. While all this social media stuff is fun and all, nothing can replace real community. And, well, most real community happens around food. In the kitchen, in my case.


A couple dozen friends gathered in my kitchen Sunday to graze upon my Bloody Mary layout, with food in tow. I had all sorts of good intentions for this party, but quickly decided that there was no way in Odessa, Texas (the worst place I’ve ever been), that I’d make the the tomato juice from scratch. Canned tomato juice, as well as prepackaged pickled green beans and carrots accompanied my bar. I provided celery, fresh asparagus, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, white pepper, salt, black pepper, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce, as well.


I threw together a quiche out of, as I told one guest, “crap from my back yard” (CSA peppers, rosemary and sage), and baked a squash with butter and brown sugar. But the best food came from others. That’s the nice thing about a potluck.


My guests had a balanced diet of donuts, grapes and salmon and egg scramble. All part of a healthy breakfast. And, I hope, a wonderful time was had by all. It was pure joy, as always, watching new friends meet old, and seeing my house be filled with laughter, food and, of course, a Bloody Mary or two.

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One thought on “Sunday Bloody Sunday.

  1. Amanda says:

    I too enjoyed meet your friends!! :) It’s so fun to go to things where I know some people and not others. LOVE the pic of my balanced breakfast up there….haha!

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