Role Playing.

Several Sundays ago, I called a couple of friends and enticed them to meet me for brunch. The key words, the ones that convinced them to join me were “Bloody Mary.” After reading through the restaurants that came up on a quick google search of “Columbus” and “brunch,” we decided to go to Mojoe Lounge on the Cap.


Bloody Marys, we quickly learned, are not available prior to 1 p.m. on Sundays; this is the case at most restaurants in the Short North. So our second and third choices: mimosas and coffee had to suffice until time was on our side.


Mojoe’s brunch, $11.95 per person, is served buffet-style, with someone on hand to make omelettes and pancakes to order. It turns out that a pancake with seasonal fruit is what you see: a pancake with peaches on top of it. (At this point, it would probably be apples.)


I have to admit that as far as brunch buffets go, it was underwhelming. A few chafing dishes with potatoes, sausage, scrambled eggs and pasta sat alongside bowls of fruit and breads. (I was excited to be able to eat meatballs before noon, though.) I’d venture to guess that most of the food came pre-packaged from a distributor, which would have been okay if the price had been a little lower. I don’t expect a coffee house to master the fine art of brunch. Unless I’m paying almost $12.00 for a meal.

Mojoe Lounge wears many hats: coffee shop, bar, lunch, dinner and dessert joint. I admire their willingness to be everything to all. And I enjoy (even love) Mojoe in every role it plays, except this one. Had we shown up just a few hours later, or on a different day – when lunch was being served, or their Sunday sales license kicked in – we would have had an entirely different experience.

Mojoe Lounge
600 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


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