Fulfilling First Dinner.

When I eat vegan food, I typically need a second dinner. I suppose that if I converted, my appetite would slowly adjust to eating a reasonable amount. But being a lady who likes to eat, I usually don’t mind a second dinner, so long as the first one isn’t too expensive.


It’s the prices at On The Fly, Victorian Village’s vegan “street food” joint that made it most appealing. Less than $6 for an entrée at one of Columbus’ most talked about eateries? Makes a vegan dinner less risky.


Designed as a carryout spot with a table or two inside as well as patio seating, On The Fly impressed me in its business prowess. There is very low overhead, minimal rent and the entire restaurant can be staffed by a single employee and his or her iPod.


After asking for descriptions of all the options available, our server/chef/cashier handed us a paper menu. Baseball Boy quickly chose the Street Food Salad. A simple dish that allowed the vegetables to speak for themselves, the cold noodles made a nice bed for sprouts, carrots and tomatoes.


Quick to pick the least healthy-sounding item on the menu, I chose the empanada. A dense filling with a bit of a kick made it a good choice. It wasn’t until my dinner was finished that I registered an absence of cheese.


Cake and mousse are two of my favorite things, and they came together to make up the grand finale for my meal. It didn’t blow me away, but I’m a giant fan of butter, so it may take some time to prove to me that it’s not needed in a dessert.

So. Was I hungry after dinner? Did I require a second meal? I cannot lie; I did have a snack later in the evening. But it was a tiny snack. And it definitely wasn’t required.

On The Fly
249 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio

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6 thoughts on “Fulfilling First Dinner.

  1. tinako says:

    It’s hard to tell how big the noodle salad is, but your empanada doesn’t look very big. It seems like you’re paying lunch prices and getting… lunch. I probably would have been hungry, too. Not that eating a second meal is a problem, but if you’d rather avoid it, maybe some sides would help.

    That’s beans in the empanada? If I were making it at home for dinner, I would probably serve corn bread and a vegetable dish with it (either salad or cooked veggies).

    I guess that doesn’t help too much when you’re eating here and have to shell out another $6 to get an adequate amount of food. But $12 for a decent dinner doesn’t sound unreasonable.

  2. Jill says:

    The empanada was just a little bit bigger than the “get two” size. But you’re right: side dishes would be a nice addition to the menu, and probably would have staved off my after-dinner snack.

  3. Anne says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Jill. My favorite person and I just ran across town to try them for lunch. We had the empanada and the falafel/hummus pita. They were great. The empanada had spicy sloppy joe and polenta. It was muy caliente! I would like to try the sweets next time. And that roll thing. I was very impressed, especially since it was vegan. We got full, too! Perfect for a lunchtime visit.

  4. Chefdruck says:

    Sounds like you and I have the same attitudes towards vegetarian food. I really enjoyed your review in light of that! Gorgeous pics.

  5. Thanks for the review. Just wanted to let you know that we don’t consider the food to be ‘vegan’. It just happens to be vegan. That is, we just adore vegetables and consider them the ultimate culinary material. Dragonfly showcases that approach (with the kitchen garden) and ON THE FLY makes it accessible at, what we think are, super great prices. We liked your recommendation for some side dishes on the menu. Look for them in the future with some new menu items (we use a lot of seasonal stuff).

    Hope to see you again.

  6. sarahb says:

    jill, I am a big fan of on the fly! I love the sesame roll. I need to cook you dinner sometime soon……promise you won’t feel like you need a snack later;)

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