Dairy Decadence.

I had more than a week’s worth of the USDA-recommended dairy intake last weekend. At a steakhouse, of all places.

Restaurant Week inspired another outing this past weekend, to one of Columbus’ kitschiest steakhouses, The Top. For $30.09 per person, a small army of us devoured four simple yet very rich and lactose-laden courses.


I started with the Lobster Bisque. (We had a choice between this and French Onion Soup to start our dining marathon.) This cream-filled soup was definitely house-made with chunks of delicious lobster. I have to say, this was probably the highlight of the meal for me.


Next up was the salad course. I chose the Caesar over the House Salad and was very pleased with my decision. A true Caesar, complete with the anchovy-spiked dressing, this salad definitely overshadowed those that I’ve received at similar restaurants. (These old-fashioned steakhouses tend to give little thought to the salad course, I’ve found.)


By the time my Surf and Turf came, I was close to full. (Yes, that’s a cup of melted butter.)


But it didn’t stop me from happily taking an ice cream scoop-sized portion of both butter and sour cream for my baked potato. I knew, at this point, that I would be in a dairy coma.


But isn’t she so pretty?

Truth be told, the lobster was a little over-seasoned and the filet was not as tender as I would have liked. I scarfed down the lobster, anyway, and set aside the filet for leftovers. I needed to leave room for dessert.


Of the three dessert options, the Tiramisu was the winner. Unfortunately, that’s not what I ordered, so I could only eat about half of it.


Crème brûlée doesn’t travel well, so I diligently finished mine off. I found it to be a little too eggy, but considering the restaurant likely had twice the traffic they’re used to (on account of Restaurant Week), I forgave them. Those blueberries, by the way, were the only thing that I consumed Saturday evening that will not lead to future health problems. Hopefully they balance out my medium rare beef, four cups of butter, heavy cream and, of course, half a cup of salad dressing.

The Top Steakhouse
2891 E Main St
Columbus, OH

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