We’re Back.

Things we managed to avoid during our weekend in the Northeast: contact with all black bears and one very persistent skunk; head-on collisions on curvy mountain roads; speeding tickets, no thanks to our rental Mustang’s extremely responsive accelerator; and, just barely, lactose overdose. (Vermont’s cheese is legendary for a reason, people.) (Also, my new band will be called Lactose Overdose. Patent pending.)


We’re still becoming reacquainted with normal life; please stay tuned for a bevy of entries from the both of us, just as soon as we digest our adventures and adjust to the real world.

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6 thoughts on “We’re Back.

  1. Maya says:

    Things we DIDN’T manage to avoid, apparently: hackers! Thanks, Vermont!

  2. jill says:

    P.S. Maya is now, for the moment, Punkazz. I’m sure I have an equally lovely username.

  3. Maya says:

    Such an insightful name. It’s like they know me!

  4. Va Kling says:

    Where’s all the lovely pictures of the food. That’s the best way to enjoy your adventure. Post more, please.

  5. PDXMatt says:

    Punkazz Maya? Hmmm… Sounds reminiscent…

  6. Jaydubs says:

    Is it wrong that I’m sort of bummed I missed the name changes?

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