It’s been one of those weeks.

Lots and lots of work, lunch inhaled in-office, at-desk, usually consisting of some combination of various leftovers; dinners have included a hastily plated hunk of cheese with a  smattering of crackers, takeout sushi, and even more leftovers.


I’m still working through that massive pot of orzo with herbs from the other night, and, honestly, I’m thisclose to being incapable of facing a plate of the stuff ever again.

The incarnation I came up with today wasn’t half-bad, though.

I added the remainder of a can of chickpeas (spared from a brief life in a no-cook pasta sauce), a chunk of super-ripe tomato, a few sliced olives, sea salt and some coarsely ground pepper, and, as usual, ate the whole thing in front of my computer.

As it turns out, sometimes the best meals don’t come from recipes, don’t require a lot of planning. Sometimes, when I stop going for a minute, when I take time to slow down and look at what’s in front of me, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear myself thinking, “Huh. That’s good.”

Especially when I expected to hear the exact opposite.

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2 thoughts on “Pause.

  1. Jaydubs says:

    Oh, Maya, that looks GOOD. Can you ship that to my house ASAP?

  2. Maya says:

    I totally would, just to get some of it off my hands; unfortunately, I’m not sure that its shelf life would extend beyond the time it’d take to get to you. You won’t be in NY this weekend, by any chance, will you? :)

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