And We’re Off.

That’s right, folks. We’re putting the “itinerant” back in Itinerant Foodies, and, really, it’s about time. We’ll be spending a (hopefully lovely) long weekend in Vermont in exactly nine days and counting—just a little something to tide us over until our plans for travel further afield come to fruition.

Photo by Ian Britton

Photo: Ian Britton

We’ll be flying into Burlington, putting in some time around Lake Champlain, maybe a bit of hiking near Stowe, visiting a food coop in Brattleboro…you know, the usual.

It’ll be our first time in the Green Mountain State—any suggestions for us? Favorite restaurants, markets, towns, activities? Do tell!

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3 thoughts on “And We’re Off.

  1. Jaydubs says:

    Oooh, JEALOUS!

    Lake Champlain chocolates live up to the hype (and you can take a factory tour!), so I’d recommend going there. As to other stuff, well my visits have been brief, but conveniently, Kyle’s parents, who lived there until four years ago, are in town right now, so I’ll ask ’em if they have any suggestions.

  2. Aunt Jill says:

    Ah- don’t forget the Ben and Jerry’s tour! Burlington is wonderful- lots of little places on the ped mall downtown…most have tented tables outside. Good brewery down by the lake also- on the square if memory serves me well…typical brew pub fare- but solid!
    If you take the ferry across the lake and drive about 45 minutes you are in Keene Valley (hiking epicenter fro adirondacks high peaks) and there is a great little (organic type) place on left. Can’t miss it- not much else around.
    I’m jealous!!

  3. whats4lunch says:

    There are some suggestions for area eats in my blog.

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