Making Second Place.

Two weekends ago, close to 200 people attended an event affectionately called “Bacon Camp” at Wild Goose Creative, an arts space in Columbus. Two weekends ago, the ladies of the Stitch & Bitch that I attend won second place for creating a Bacon Scarf for Bacon Camp. So much for being timely.


Food-inspired art, this scarf, made in collaboration with four or five other women, is one of the six or seven yarn-related things that I’ve ever finished. I’m not that good with the yarn. To be fair, I’m not that good with the bacon, either.


We each knitted or crocheted several strips of red, burgundy and white yarn for a couple of weeks. On the final week, we pulled out the needles to create what actually ended up looking like a strip of bacon.


The final piece contended with several other bacon-inspired artwork at Bacon Camp. Our group – half comprised of vegans and nutritionists – won a bagful of bacon paraphernalia and bragging rights to second place. Out of six. But still. My grandmother would be proud. Maybe.

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