Truth In Advertising.

What you choose for lunch will change the world. The unabashed optimism of The Village Bakery in Athens, Ohio is promoted in every inch of free space of the restaurant and market that is, most simply described, Michael Pollan’s wet dream.

By the time I innocently wandered into this haven of local and sustainable foods, I’d filled my digital camera with pictures of baby goats, cows, paw paws and clover from the previous days’ tours. While I didn’t have room for an image of the place, I did manage to squeeze in a few pictures of breakfast.


Whether or not you want a side of proselytization with your breakfast sandwich, it’s no stretch to say that the food was among the best I’ve ever had. Local food just tastes better. Hidden within that sandwich that you’re looking at was a piece of smoked ham that made me want to have two breakfasts.

Of course, I ate up the Eat Local Propaganda. I mean, I was on a Slow Foods tour, after all. I got a little choked up, like I do nearly every day that I have an option to listen to Morning Edition or All Things Considered. (My therapist says this is normal behavior.) Mixed in with the pure joy of finding a place that practices what I preach, were awe and jealousy. The people at The Village Bakery are excellent marketers.


And they’re excellent cooks, as well. These crepes, otherwise known as The First Crepes I’ve Ever Had in My Life, were beyond delicious. Everything was fresh (duh) and I could have easily eaten three or four more, plus Baseball Boy’s egg sandwich.

So. The list of culinary must-haves during trips to Athens grows. Village Bakery, Casa and my favorite of favs (which was sadly a no-show on this trip), The Burrito Buggy. It takes a village… to make all the food that I want to eat.

The Village Bakery
268 East State Street
Athens, Ohio, 45701


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3 thoughts on “Truth In Advertising.

  1. Alexandra says:

    Is that some local guac I see on those crepes?

  2. jill says:

    It’s either free-range or fair-trade guacamole.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Grass fed avocados do taste the best ;)

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