Advertising Fail.

One food competition during the weekend trip to the Bigfoot conference that I did not participate in was the Cheerios Eating Contest. Out there in Advertisingland, there are countless claims made regarding the nutrition value of certain cereals versus other cereals. As I’ve somehow managed to avoid these ads, I can’t quote the claims verbatim. Nonetheless, there’s a commercial out there saying that you’d have to eat 50 bowls of Cheerios to get the nutritional value that NAMEBRANDHERE can offer in one bowl.

My recently transplanted (to Ohio) British friend Sam heard this claim and decided, on the spot, that someone should test this theory. The best way to do so? In an unscientific eating contest.


I stayed away from this one, as I tend to avoid both milk and high fructose corn syrup whenever possible. Three people did participate, though, while the rest of us looked on. (I have to admit that I sometimes forgot that the contest was going on, until Sam would shout out the number of bowls he was on and ask me to be an eyewitness to the fact that he was consuming one measuring cup full of Cheerios.)


Sara, Sam and Michael competed, trying several varieties of Cheerios that I swear did not exist in my cereal-consuming days. The winner would be the person who could consume the most bowls of Cheerios without throwing up.


Sam won. And, come to think of it, the advertisers of NAMEBRANDHERE cereal lost. Not only can no one recall the name of the cereal that claims to be substantially more nutritious than Cheerios, but their ad caused the same types of people who would go to a Bigfoot Conference on a whim to go out and purchase more Cheerios than any one person should – not could – possibly consume.

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One thought on “Advertising Fail.

  1. Michael says:

    This was the best possible undercard to our battle and everything else going on. It literally would have been deserving of a trip on it’s own, but as it was it stands as the perfect compliment to the extremes and eccentricities that were that weekend.

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