Cupcake Find.

When I get the urge to travel, but my finances won’t allow it, I try to look at Columbus and the surrounding areas through new eyes. I like to “go exploring.” I became a Sunday Driver this past weekend, as my wanderlust took me to the west side of Columbus. I visited the Darby Creek Watershed (a part of our amazing Metro Park system), the villages of West Jefferson and Plain City, and finally, Historic Dublin.


Dear Historic Dublin: you are cute and nearly perfect. Any passerby can tell that you and your adorable streets are well-funded. (Very well-funded in comparison to the downtowns of your neighboring communities of West Jefferson and Plain City.) However, you could use some variety. I counted three pizza shops, three tea houses and two cupcakeries in your two blocks of businesses. But maybe you know best. It seems that you’re thriving while other downtowns dwindle to nothing. (P.S. How did you get all of the people that visit you to drive the same style of vehicle?)

In the wandering of Historic Dublin, I came across an infant of a business. Red Bamboo Tea Salon (counted as two separate businesses in the above tally) is a combination tea house and cupcakery that has been open for three weeks. The two concepts work together well, though there is a little confusion about branding. The business cards refer to the joint as Sugar Inc. Cupcakes & Tea Salon, while the signage below suggests otherwise.


The interior of the store features the best cupcake display case I’ve ever seen.


This custom display unit, which is almost as beautiful as the full-size and miniature cupcakes that sit upon it, must have cost a fortune. It makes me really hope that the branding issues get ironed out and the business succeeds.


Luckily, their (organic) cupcakes are delicious and unique to the area. With tea-inspired flavors such as Madagascar Chocolate topped with Chai Latte icing, it’s difficult not to buy a handful and a Green Iced Ta to go. No carryout menus were available, and I admit that I didn’t quite catch the names of all the cupcakes available that day.


I had a taste of this one.


And this one, which was decidedly better.

And I continued on my afternoon adventure, down the perfectly created brick sidewalks of Historic Dublin, Ohio.

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3 thoughts on “Cupcake Find.

  1. Jaydubs says:

    Oh, that does look delish–and you’re right, the displays are beautiful …

  2. maya says:

    You do realize that the list of eating establishments we need to patronize next time I visit is growing exponentially, don’t you? At this rate, I’m concerned. Not sure we’ll even have time for Athens…

  3. Alexis says:

    I just recently found Sugar Inc myself. I have to say they have the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. I was there in the early afternoon- they must have just got done baking because they were still warm. They melted in my mouth! I had one of their salads for lunch also- delicious- lots of fresh fruit and cheeses and nuts. Great find!

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