Morel Challenge.

It seems that these days, I’ve been more “Foodie” and less “Itinerant.” That’s going to change this weekend, though, because I’m leaving town. Yes, dear readers, I’m leaving the 614, and heading east. To sunny and beautiful Guernsey County, Ohio. For a Bigfoot Conference & Expo.



Seven of us have done the impossible: we’ve cleared our schedules and planned a weekend getaway, all in the name of Bigfoot. I’m not necessarily sure that any of us actually believe that Bigfoot exists, but when the conference promises both a “meet and greet” in the lodge (overlooking the pool) and a discount for lodging at Salt Fork State Park, it’s difficult to turn down that opportunity.

Assuming that we’ll have little or nothing to do at the conference, two of us have decided to ruin a perfectly nice friendship with a little competition. Michael and I are going to compete to win the hearts and stomachs of the others with an Iron Chef-style challenge featuring morels.

As of right now, I have no idea what I’m going to cook, but I know that I have to win. And that I’m not above bribery. Wish me luck, dear readers.

The Rules

• Each chef will create a meal consisting of a main dish, two side dishes and a dessert using morels.
• Each chef brings all utensils and items that he or she needs.
• We have 1/2 a pound of morels (hunted in Michael’s south east Ohio back yard) and morel butter to use.
• Each chef can plan and prep ahead of time.
• All participants will be judges.

Scoring Categories

Presentation (20 points): Is the meal presented well? Are the dishes well plated?

Incorporation (20 points): Do the dishes highlight the flavors of the main ingredient? Is the main ingredient used to it’s maximum potential?

Balance (20 points): Is the meal well-balanced? Do all of the dishes balance each other and work as a complete concept? Does one dish overpower the others or do the sides seem less thought out?

Overall (40 points): Overall experience and thoughts on the meal.

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One thought on “Morel Challenge.

  1. Janice says:

    Have fun! Sounds like real fun.

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