A Beautiful Wreck.

Sociologists and observers of social media trends: take note. I’ve not written a paper with a thesis for eight years, but I’m certain that there’s an academic journal entry in here somewhere. (Please be sure to cite Itinerant Foodies.)

My online life collided with my real life this weekend when I received a birthday cake from my friend Kris. She was the first person to tell me about Cake Wrecks, the blog that chronicles mishaps with professional cakes, and so it was fitting that my cake was an homage to one you might find on that site. Cake Wrecks is the reason I’m glad our store stopped creating custom cakes.


That’s me on the left. And on the right is my boyfriend, a combination of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln: Barackaham Lincoln. Although the cake itself only had one layer, the humor with this cake had many. If you can’t see the joke here, then you probably shouldn’t be writing a paper about it. (And you should probably start reading Cake Wrecks on a regular basis.)

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a purposefully messed up and misspelled cake. Perhaps it will be a new trend. I’ve got to go twitter about this…


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