On-The-Fly Dinner Party: Part 1.

An impromptu dinner party came into place after a late Friday afternoon group gchat session with a few friends. Although it was after five, I was still at the store and dinner plans had not yet been solidified for the evening. Michael had already planned on making a deep dish Chicago-style pizza. I bribed him and his crew to come to my house with promises of fresh basil from the store (my basil seedlings are not quite ready to be harvested), a large kitchen to work in and a television that could show basketball. (The last part of the bribe was a bit of a gamble. While my roommate has a television, I’ve never actually seen it used for anything but playing DVDs.)

My part of the dinner would be the rest: appetizers, salad and dessert.

There’s been a big twitter brouhaha about watermelon radishes as of late, and a fellow tweeter linked to a blog that showed them beautifully displayed in a pile of chickpeas. As the dinner was impromptu, I decided to cheat with regular ol’ hummus and rice crackers.


The radishes came with a crunchy kick that worked perfectly with the smooth cool flavor of the hummus and the crisp buttery flavor of the rice crackers. In short, I’m a watermelon radish convert.


The salad was simple. This winter, I’ve been a big fan of Earthbound Farm Organic Fresh Herb Salad, not necessarily because of the Organic label, but because of the mixture. I buy this lettuce mix during the winter months because in the mixture is one simple ingredient: cilantro. I’ve not been very successful at growing this herb (though I’m trying again this year). And I can never quite use an entire bunch of the store-bought stuff before it turns. But I love the stuff, especially mixed with my greens.


The rest of the salad was simple: dried cranberries, sesame seeds, goat cheese and Hills Own 56 Dressing. I love the sweet and sour blend. It’s one of few last relics of the 55 Restaurant Group that birthed Columbus restaurateur Cameron Mitchell.

Finally, the dessert: my first-ever flourless chocolate torte, which will be discussed in part two. (Cliffhanger: will it be categorized in oops? Stay tuned to find out.)

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2 thoughts on “On-The-Fly Dinner Party: Part 1.

  1. Michael says:

    I loved the radishes! They don’t have the pungent peppery flavor I expected, and the crispness was a perfect contrast to the hummus. Very well done.

    Also, what no mention of the pizza? No pictures? We’re doing the second round tonight. I’ll let you know how it comes out with more cheese and sausage instead of pepperoni.

    Oh, and if that TV didn’t work right before the beginning of the Tar Heels game, we might not be friends anymore. At the very least I would have stormed out of the house.

  2. Alexandra says:

    These watermelon radishes are messing with my sense of scale, big time. That rice cracker looks huge! I look forward to the next installment of, On-The-Fly Dinner Party! sounds like it’s got the potential to be a rather amazing radio drama.

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