When Life Hands You (Bad) Clementines.

I wasn’t quite ready for citrus season to be over, so, against my better judgment, I bought one last box of clementines. After peeling and discarding a few subpar specimens, however, I was ready to concede the point to Mother Nature.


Rather than trash the whole lot, I decided to salvage what little goodness was left in the fruit: Clementine juice it was.


I added a splash to my seltzer, but I couldn’t help thinking what a stellar contribution this would make to a mimosa.


What I wouldn’t give for a bottle of bubbly to miraculously appear on my doorstep….

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3 thoughts on “When Life Hands You (Bad) Clementines.

  1. jill says:

    Maya, I don’t think that it’s cool to ask our readers to send you a bottle of bubbly. Rather, you should ask them to send us each a bottle of bubbly. That’s much more Emily Post.

  2. maya says:

    And I thought I was being so subtle, too.

  3. Matt says:

    I’m shocked there weren’t a couple bottles stocked in your apartment.

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