Details is pretty much a hallway of deliciousness. This nook is literally a few tables and a bar, cozied up against its mother restaurant, Rosendale’s, in the Short North. Four of us made our inaugural visit to the small plates restaurant on Friday night, prior to seeing Watchmen. Ask me if I like Watchmen, and I can’t really tell you. Details, on the other hand, has a warm place in my heart. Or stomach. Or both.

This place – if only in size – reminded me of Tía Pol in New York. (This is the restaurant where Maya and I once started sharing food and wine with the people next to us at the bar and then ended up back in their home playing Scrabble. But that’s another story.)

To start, we shared the Crispy Pork Pot Stickers with Spicy Soy Sauce ($6.50) and the highly recommended Tuna Tar Tar Tacos ($9.00). The pot stickers paled in comparison to the tacos. A simple combination of tuna, avocado, pickled scallions and ginger, the tacos came together perfectly. Being cursed with an allergy to avocado (heartburn and swollen lips), I was reluctant to try them. After the first bite, though, I knew that the pain would be worth it. I was actually considering knocking out my dinner companions so that I did not have to share.

Somewhat ironically, the ladies of the table both ordered the red meat dish – the Details Burgers ($9.50), while the men took on somewhat lighter fare. The table traded bites of the Spanish Chorizo Chili topped with plantain chips ($4.50), and the Old Fashioned ($9.00), a delightful and artistic sandwich with house-smoked pastrami beef brisket.

The chili was both dainty and filling. And, at its price, an amazing deal.

The selling point on the burgers for me was the house-made ketchup. The brioche kept the slider nice and light. I’d definitely order these again, but not before cycling through the rest of the menu to see what other surprises await me.

The Old Fashioned boasted the strongest flavor of the evening: the pastrami beef brisket. I’m not a fan of caraway-laden rye bread, but, nonetheless, the sandwich was an invitation to return to try the rest of the smoked meats.

I closed the meal with a request: a small container of mustard. It turns out that mustard is a natural remedy for heartburn. This was a preemptive strike against the angst the avocado would surely cause in the middle of the movie. It worked.

793 North High Street
Columbus Ohio, 43215

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