Tough Choices.


There are seven days of Restaurant Week here in Columbus. Seven days of fixed priced, what-a-deal menus. And there are 37 restaurants participating. I don’t think that my stomach can handle digesting 37 multi-course meals in seven days.

The restaurants participating are all a part of Dine Originals, an organization that promotes independent eateries in cities throughout the United States. For Columbus, Dine Originals is like a small vaccine against the Chain Restaurant Virus.

Chains serve a purpose, I realize. They provide consistent, predictable and safe food for the culinary unadventurous. And, maybe, people with kids. Not everyone out there considers a meal an event. Some people just want to eat. These people don’t take pictures of their food while eating or spend valuable internet time looking at things like this.

Columbus is the home of many a chain restaurant. They breed here. From White Castle (a place that I accidentally went to last night after attending a cooking class about Risotto – oh, irony) to Max & Erma’s, from City Barbecue to the Cameron Mitchell group, there’s something about this city that says, “Go ahead! Take a chance! Open up a second of your successful eatery. We liked it in Hilliard; we’ll probably like it in Westerville!” Some of the chains are great; others just piss me off.

Back to the point. I have to wade through 37 restaurants to support between Monday and next Sunday. Technically, I need to get out of my hole and support these restaurants year-round. Because saying, “I love that place” doesn’t quite pay their electric bills or encourage them to try new items.

I’ve decided to try to go to restaurants that I haven’t been to.

That leaves me with:

Due Amici, The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, L’Antibes, Shaw’s Restaurant and Inn, Tasi, Tutto Vino, Vino Vino Restaurant & Winebar and Z Cucina Ristorante & Bar.

Eight restaurants. Seven days. And Tuesday is out because of a cooking class with Deepwood. Financially, I can probably only pull off two or three.

So. Give me your thoughts. Tell me why I should choose one over the other. And hopefully, by the time I decide, I’ll still be able to make reservations.

(Don’t worry. I promise to take pictures of my food, wherever I go.)

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4 thoughts on “Tough Choices.

  1. Amanda says:

    First, nice to meet you last night :) I assume you’re the same person I met at Hill’s? :)

    I’m the watermelon raddish lady :)

    I am going to G. Michael’s which I’ve never been to, and Basi Italia which I have been to many times :) I could only afford 2 as well, so I understand that completely :)

    Out of those I think I would go with Due Amici for sure and possibly L’Antibes. Although the Shaw’s menu looks great and they have a lunch option…

    you’re right, it’s a tough choice.

  2. jill says:

    It was definitely nice to meet you!

    G. Michael’s is one of the few restaurants that I’ve gone to by myself. (With a book, at the bar.) Love it there!

    I’ve been to Basi a few times. A million years ago, the store got to work with John Dornback at the Home & Garden Show. He’s very cool. I figured that I’d wait for a less popular time to return to Basi, just because it’s so small.

    I’ve never heard anything about L’Antibes, even though they’ve been around forever. Due Amici is definitely near the top of my list… Oh, choices, choices.

  3. Lisa says:

    My experience at Z Cucina was very good…I’d recommend trying it!

  4. Marilyn says:

    L’Antibes food is marvelous. Kinda pricey though. I had my first (and actually only ever) taste of pate there. A little ashamed to admit that it was yummy, especially since I later learned that it’s a fairly horrible process they put the poultry through to get it made. Anyhooooo, if you don’t order pate, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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