Sundays Are For Carryout.


On Sundays, I vacillate between lazy and productive. Sometimes I want to try out new recipes, spend the entire day in the kitchen, spilling ingredients on the pages of one of my cookbooks. And then there are the other Sundays, the cold and dreary winter Sundays. Those Sundays are for coffee, the New York Times, a book (these days it’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver) and… carryout. A few Sundays ago – one of the Carryout Sundays – I discovered a vegetarian Indian restaurant a few miles from my house.

Dosa Corner met many of my immediate requirements. They provided carryout. They had an online menu. They were open.

Although I love the cuisine, I’m not an expert on Indian food. I cannot write a treatise on the subtle differences between every samosa in Columbus. What I can say is that Dosa Corner was exactly what I needed on a frigid January evening.

I ordered one of their namesake specialties: Hydrabad Masala Dosa, mainly because of the words “roasted onion” and “garlic chutney spread” in the description. This South Indian crepe, made from rice and lentils was filled with all things spicy and filling. I hovered over the meal at my kitchen table, with a box of tissues close by, as it warmed my entire body. Potatoes and onions and garlic were designed to mingle, I’ve decided.

I definitely plan on returning, and, perhaps, eating in. A few more encounters will reveal whether or not Dosa Corner was simply a quick fix, or if it will become a long-time standby.

Dosa Corner
1077 Old Henderson Road
Columbus, Ohio 43220

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One thought on “Sundays Are For Carryout.

  1. […] About a half of the vendors d0 not exist in restaurant or store format, outside of the festival. But I did see some favorites, including the people from Dosa Corner. […]

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