In The Works.

I want to make Peking Duck with scallion pancakes. I’ve been telling people I’m going to do this for about a month now. I’ve looked at recipes, scouted out stores for ingredients. I’ve even watched videos of Peking Duck being prepared on the internet. (Step Two: place the raw duck on the counter for eight hours to dry. Not sure how I feel about this.) I just haven’t done it.

I want to have a consistent Sunday Brunch potluck. Strada and quiche. Spinach and strawberry salad with goat cheese. Prosciutto and anything. Couscous salad with seasonal vegetables. The Sunday New York Times. For years, whenever I have a mimosa in my hand, the idea comes out. Everyone likes it. I just haven’t done it.

I want to have a food blog with Maya. We’ve been planning it for over a year. We have the name picked out. We’ve organized the categories, and come up with a system. But to actually upload a post? It’s as difficult as buying the duck or sending out the facebook invites to the imaginary Sunday Brunch.

Until now.

Welcome to Itinerant Foodies, the food blog that chronicles culinary adventures of two women: Maya and Jill. Some escapades are together, figuratively (trying the same recipe while separated by several states) and literally (piecing together memories from road trips and backpacking ventures home and abroad.) Others are individual. (I still can’t believe that Maya went to Australia without me. And I’m sure she thinks the same about Cambodia.)

At any rate, this is a long time in the making. Enjoy. And bring a snack, just in case. Sometimes it takes a little longer than usual for things to come out of our kitchen.

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3 thoughts on “In The Works.

  1. […] this scallion pancake during my first walk-through, I knew it would be on my menu. Delicious. I still want to learn how to make these. I got my pancake and some bamboo rice from a stand that advertised […]

  2. […] for those who have been following IF from the beginning, shouldn’t come as a surprise. It was the first line of the first post. The rest of my goals—Sunday brunch potlucks and, of course, this very […]

  3. […] check. Write more: check, check. Try some of those dogeared recipes: check to the nth degree. Make Peking duck: check. (Yes! I did it! Story to come.) Travel somewhere together for the first time in years: […]

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