I Don’t Have Cats.

I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen since my early teens. Melting Kraft Singles on cantaloupe in the microwave is not a good idea. Though the outcome of the meeting of orange was disgusting, it was not traumatic.

Devastation, my friends, real devastation, was what I felt when the main course of a summer dinner party had both the texture and smell of cat food.

When you peruse the stocks section of your (locally owned!) grocery store, you’re likely to find the basics: chicken stock, beef stock, vegetable stock. And sometimes there are extra options. Ham stock. Turkey stock. Seafood stock.

It was a simple decision in that aisle of the store that turned my lovingly-made risotto with pan seared sea scallops into a pile of inedible Fancy Feast.

Unless you’re making clam chowder, stay far, far away from the seafood stock.

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One thought on “I Don’t Have Cats.

  1. […] Last night’s recipe was vegetarian, but in reality, I prefer chicken stock. And I think that we all know that seafood stock is a […]

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